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Cisco Umbrella Packages

Compare our cloud security packages in the summarized list of features below.


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DNS Security
DNS Security
Security & control
Secure web gateway
Proxy and inspect web traffic (incl. decryption of SSL (HTTPS) traffic) Partial
Enable web filtering by domain or category (SIG filtering by URL)
Create custom block/allow lists of domains
Create custom block/allow lists of URLs
Block files based on AV Engine and malware defense Partial
Use malware analytics (sandbox) on suspicious files 500/day Unlimited
Cloud access security broker
Cloud app discovery, risk scoring, blocking or activity controls Partial Partial
Scan and remove malware from cloud-based file storage apps Two apps
DNS-layer security
Block domains with malware, phishing, botnet, or other high risk items
Cloud delivered firewall
Create layer 3/layer 4 policies to block specific IPs, ports, and protocols
Leverage layer 7 protection including an Intrusion Prevention System Add-on
Multimode cloud data loss prevention
Enable inline and out-of-band data inspection and blocking capabilities to protect sensitive data Add-on
Remote browser isolation
Provide safe access to risky sites, web apps and all web destinations Add-on Add-on
XDR and threat intelligence
Utilize SecureX cross product security data and automated response actions
Access Umbrella’s deep domain, IP, and ASN data for rapid investigations
Deployment & management
Traffic forwarding
Forward external DNS for on-network coverage and off-network devices
Cisco AnyConnect client to deploy Umbrella module to forward traffic
User attribution
Create policies and view reports by network, device, and user
Create policies and view reports using SAML
Customize block pages and bypass options
Use our multi-org console to centrally manage decentralized orgs
Umbrella API to create, read, update, and delete IDs child orgs
Reporting & logs
Real-time activity search, plus Umbrella API to easily extract key events
Choose North America or Europe log storage
Use Cisco-managed S3 buckets or customer AWS S3 bucket

* This is a condensed listing of features. Refer to the product data sheets for specific package details.

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Build on Umbrella’s ability to block malicious domains with more layers of defense against phishing and credential theft — in one step, and all available as part of our Cisco Security Step-Up promotion. Here’s your chance to secure all of your critical attack vectors — email, web traffic, and user identity.

Looking for Cisco Umbrella for schools or universities?

We provide several packages and special prices for our education customers. The DNS Security for Education package, which is licensed by number of faculty and staff, protects students at no additional charge.

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