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Cisco Duo for Enterprise: Strong Enterprise MFA You Can’t Afford to Miss

All Duo Small/Medium Business features, plus adaptive access policies, greater device visibility, plus advanced device insights and remote access solutions.

Some enterprise multi-factor authentication security solutions come baked into a larger IT platform, a bonus feature that sweetens the deal and saves you the trouble of working with another vendor. Security that’s a free add-on may provide savings up front, but a breach will cost you more. With the rise in phishing attacks exploiting legacy IT, a remote workforce, and gaps in weaker-MFA enterprise solutions, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be attacked, but when.

Lock Down Your Entire Business

Comprehensive coverage is the key to stopping your next attack. Every user, every device, and every application need to be on board. Attackers only need a single opening to wreak havoc in your environment. Cisco Duo allows no exceptions.

Friction-Free MFA

The best enterprise MFA is usable MFA. Duo’s Single Sign-On (SSO) and biometric capabilities make it easy for users to login securely and move through their workday unencumbered. AI-driven analysis can automatically step up authentication hurdles if risk signals are detected, adding stronger protection when it’s warranted.

Protect Every Endpoint

Duo is an enterprise multi-factor authentication solution designed to meet all use cases, so every application can be secured. Securely protect cloud applications in the cloud and on-premises, custom and out-of-the-box programs, VPNs, RDPs, remote servers, and more. This is the kind of MFA enterprises can rely on.

Gain Visibility Into Every Device

Compile a full device inventory and set adaptive access policies based on device type, operating system, encryption status and more—and ensure that these standards are met at every single login through continuous authentication.

Set Personalized, Granular Policies

Get granular about who can access what, when, and how. With Duo, you can give every user the right permissions, and ensure critical applications receive extra protection.

Control access at the application level based on user role, location, operating system, managed device status, device health status, and many more, with quick setup and easy scaling.

Protect Hybrid IT Environments

Your business is likely a complex mix of managed and BYOD machines, accessing cloud, on-prem and legacy resources. Many MFA platforms do a great job of covering their own family of products, but don’t play well with others. That won’t keep you secure. Duo is built to integrate, so your security is a unified front.

  Native and custom app integrations

  Trusted access for employees and contractors, BYOD, and mobile devices

  Supports VPN or VPN-less options, and offline MFA for Windows login

  SSO for easy access to the applications your users need

Secure the Remote Workforce

Remote work is here to stay. Duo’s enterprise multi-factor authentication solution helps you to embrace that reality with an AI-driven, risk-based authentication approach that assesses the context of each login request and looks for high risk indicators. If the user’s device, location, or access history raises an alarm, then additional verification steps are applied to ensure the integrity of your information—delivering MFA enterprises can rely on.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Enterprise MFA solutions are not created equal. And you're not reducing your bottom line if your enterprise authentication service requires more staff and more time to administer it. Duo gets you up and running in days, instead of months or years to roll out a new MFA system. End users can self-enroll and remediate their own upgrades and lockouts, without bothering the Help Desk. And your IT and security teams win back even more time through automated threat analysis and compliance reports that keep them a step ahead.

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