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Duo Premier

Get Duo’s complete access management suite for the world’s leading access security solution with VPN-less remote access.

Get everything you get in Duo Essentials and Duo Advantage plus VPN-less remote access with the Duo Network Gateway.

Cisco Duo premier

Get Secure, Effortless Access to Private Resources

Duo Premier expands on Duo’s rigid security and effortless access solutions to cover private resources and private applications. With Duo Premier, you’ll have access to all of the capabilities provided by Duo Essentials and Duo Advantage plus VPN-less remote access with the Duo Network Gateway.

With Duo Premier, your organization will be protected by all our offerings, including:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Duo Verified Push and FIDO2 support

  • Single Sign-On

  • Trusted Endpoints Verification

  • Passwordless Authentication

  • Device Visibility

  • Unlimited Application integrations

  • Risk-Based Authentication

  • Device Health Checks

  • Adaptive Access Policies

  • Machine-Learning Driven Threat Detection

  • Full-Featured Dashboards and Comprehensive Reporting

  • VPN-less Secure Remote Access

  • Endpoint Protection Checks

Transform Your Organization into the Ultimate Hybrid Workplace

Modernize your remote access and make hybrid work frictionless with the Duo Network Gateway, a VPN-less network solution by Duo. The Duo Network Gateway facilitates smooth and protected remote connectivity to both on-site and hybrid cloud-hosted private applications, eliminating the need for a VPN. This helps empower organizations to provide a hassle-free access experience for users while keeping applications off the public internet.

Cisco Duo premier

Cisco Duo premier

Secure Access to Internal Applications

Applying granular application-specific policies for remote access can be difficult. Most organizations allow remote users access to their entire network after they log in remotely via a virtual private network (VPN). Duo Network Gateway makes it easy to apply zero trust access policies to private applications and resources while delivering the best user experience for remote access.

Secure Remote Access to SSH, RDP or SMB

Securely access SSH, RDP or SMB resources without a VPN. With Duo, you can remotely access SSH, RDP or SMB to configured hosts after installing Duo's connectivity tool.

Ensure Presence of Endpoint Protection Agents

When your organization’s policy requires 3rd-party endpoint protection agents to be installed on users’ devices, Duo’s Device Health application can ensure these agents are in place before allowing access to your sensitive applications.

Cisco Duo premier

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